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Our services are supported by strong back office and quality systems which guarantee client compliance with the WEEE Directive and related Hazardous Waste Regulations, as well as adherence to The Data Protection Act in respect of disk drive and media destruction.

WEEE Collection and Recycling

WEEE collection and recycling is available to any UK based organisation and we are able to respond as necessary depending on the urgency to have the equipment removed.

Our process involves recording the types and quantities of WEEE items actually collected. We are also able to provide a fully detailed asset inventory service where each item is recorded by model number and serial number where possible.

There are no special requirements needed to be put in place by you prior to our team arriving. We do not expect WEEE items to be loaded onto a pallet or other container as our team will have all the necessary equipment in our vehicles.

We do ask that the equipment is kept inside and not outside where it faces the UK weather even if it is well covered by tarpaulin or other material!

Once your WEEE equipment is received at our assessment centre, the items are unloaded from the vehicle and sorted as to which WEEE recycling route they will be destined for.

Secure Hard Drive and Tape Media Erasure

Data Security is a huge focus point now. Cases of hard drives being harvested for bank and credit card details as well as sensitive business data are well documented and our data protection responsibilities should not be taken lightly.

Every organisation has a legal obligation and a Duty of Care under The Data Protection Act to destroy all data that has been collected when the media that it is stored upon becomes redundant.

Green Magnet are able to provide various levels of Data wiping from a 7-pass disk overwrite and zero-fill procedure to cover client Duty of Care (included in the collection costs), through to Secure Data Destruction processes that are approved to MoD / HM Government / CESG standards utilising data security products.

Equipment Brokerage and Resale

At Green Magnet we don’t just deal with end of life IT and telecoms equipment for recycling purposes.

Over the last 10 years we have developed a considerable database of contacts that use or repurpose seemingly redundant hardware for a wide range of applications.

This enables us to identify possible resale opportunities for equipment you may otherwise have written off as scrap.

We can provide a service whereby any excess assets that have a resale value can be bought and sold.

We do love a list ! If you think you have equipment that has market value then we would love to make an offer – send us what you have and we will make an offer against any equipment that has a resale value.

Pricing Guide

In some circumstances there is no charge for our services. When you have equipment that has good material yield such as scrap computers, servers and laptops then this will reduce our recycling costs as there are metals that can be recovered from these types of items.
We do love a list so please contact a member of our team on 0845 313 9919 with what you have to recycle and we will provide a formal quotation.

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